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It’s been a while

It’s been a good three months since my last post, my wife and I were blessed to purchase a home. With that comes a lot of work and not a lot of time for Warmachine. I hope to keep this blog updated at least twice a month with painting updates, some occasional battle reports, and maybe even maybe a custom made table. I have a really good idea to make a custom table but it all depends on time constraints.

The southern MD Warmachine/Hordes community has been steadily growing though. Wednesday appears to be the regular gaming night as our local Press Ganger told me there was a lot of folks at the store last night. If my calculations are correct, there were about ten people that showed up to play. It’s encouraging to see and hopefully the store will be able to get a good stock of Warmahordes models in. Right now it’s a little on the scare side.

Wrapping up, I’d like to say a good farewell to the Iron Agenda podcast, it was my favorite podcast out the bunch and they’ll definitely be missed. Them and Lost Hemisphere Radio definitely helped me keep up with all the Force books and new models coming out.

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