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List Tweaking – Part 2

September 8, 2010 1 comment

In my previous post, I discussed my first initial High Reclaimer list at 35 points. Now the time comes for the first set of changes and possibly last ones. I’ll explain why I replaced each piece but first, here’s the original list and the new one.

Old                                                              New
The High Reclaimer                                      The High Reclaimer
-Reckoner                                                    -Reckoner
Idrians min unit + UA                                   -Crusader
Knights Exemplar                                         Min Choir
Exemplar Cinerators                                    Vassal
Rhoven & Honor Guards                              Rhover & Honor Guards
Vilmon                                                          Idrians min unit + UA
Vassal                                                          TFG max w/ UA
Rhupert                                                       Rhupert

Basically, I swapped out the Cinerators for a full unit of TFG+UA and Knights Exemplar + Vilmon for a Crusader and min Choir. I felt I needed more speed with my core infantry (TFG) to help contest objectives at the first turn. I can run them and pop Iron Zeal if I need to. I lost a lot of hitting power with the Knights gone but the addition of the Crusader should help alleviate it some. Also, sacrificial lamb is now a worth while spell and I have cheap troops to use it on, the TFG and choir of course.

That’s my list for now and it’s more of a wave army than my first one. Hypothetically, the Idrians hit first, then the TFG and Reckoner, and lastly the Crusader. Hopefully it won’t come down the High Reclaimer getting in the mix as that’s a sure sign of doom.

This is a shameless request, but if anyone wants to test this list out for me and let me know how awful, good, or ok it is, that would rock. I don’t know how much play time I’ll have between now and Oct. 16th.


Resurgence Recap w/ Pics

February 21, 2010 2 comments

Well, my first tournament in two years was an absolute blast. In total they were sixteen players that should up to play with people coming from Richmond, Woodbridge, and the SoMD Baythralls. We followed all the Resurgence rules and played 25, 35, and 50 point games through four rounds. You can check out my tournament list here.

I won the Protectorate coin by being the de-facto player and ended the day at 1-3. My list was built on a grind it out game and lacked the necessary speed to contest the control zones. It would’ve been a good idea if read up on the scenario rules to understand the scoring more. Not that it was all that complicated, I just found myself going for the caster kill instead, something I wasn’t planning on doing. I guess old habits kick in.

Round 1 – My first game was against Dave from Richmond. Him and his friend John came up and were really cool guys. We got the chance to talk before hand about playing and what caster we’re taking then we got matched up to play. Here’s Dave’s list.

Iron Lich Asphyxious
*Deathripper x2
Mechanicthralls – max
Brute Thrall x 1
Machine Wraith x 2

This was my first time playing against the Iron Lich and really Cryx for the that matter. Dave went for the assassination run against the High Reclaimer and didn’t realize he was camping nine focus. He still did some considerable damage but left himself open for the High Reclaimer’s feat. I feated and brought back some Cleansers and they incinerated the Iron Lich. I won via caster kill but only managed to get one control point to his three.

Round 2 – This game was against Fred and the Iron Lich, surprise surprise. This was rather funny because Darren played against Fred the first round and then played against Dave, my first round opponent. We both got to face off against the Iron Lich two times in a row and oddly enough, we split the games.

Iron Lich Asphyxious
*Deathripper x 2
*Nightwretch x2
Mechthralls – max
Soul Hunters – max

Fred went for the caster kill in the second round but ended up running his arcnode out of his control area and had to settle for a contested control zone. The game was a real grind with him winning via scenario 7-3. The lack of pathfinder devastated me and it didn’t help that my Cleansers were fleeing for most of the game. This was the only game where I didn’t get any damage onto the opposing caster.

Round 3 – After lunch we came back fresh, ready for the final two fifty point rounds. This time around it was against Chris and his Khador army lead by Sorscha.

*Beast 09
Drakhun w/ dismout
IFP max w/ UA
Widowmaker Marksmen
Manhunter x 2

This game reminded me how devastating Sorscha’s feat can be. By the end of his second turn, over half my army was wiped out. He had a chance to disrupt the High Reclaimer who was stationary and sitting on ten plus soul tokens but rolled snake eyes with Eiryss. Doh!!! I ended up doing minimal damage to Sorscha and he ended the game with a caster kill by a Manhunter. Really this game wasn’t even close, and I didn’t even get a control point. Hats off to Chris, he really played his army well.

Round 4 – This game was against John from Richmond. He had a fantastic merc army led by Durgen. It ended up being the longest game in the tourney but it was a real slugfest.

Durgen Madhammer
*Blaster x2
*Bokur – client to Thor
Boomhowler – max
Steelhead Cavalry – max
Sea Dog Deck Gun x2
Herne & Jonne

There’s so much that went on in this game, it’s hard remembering all the details. His feat turn was pretty nasty, I do know that. I tried going for the caster kill with my Cleansers again. For some reason, I thought Durgen’s armor was a lot lower than it was. My incinerate did decent damage but it left that lovely cloud effect. This ended up killing my resurrected Cassius (Rhoven’s Honour Guard) when he charged in to finish him off. Whoops! He then shot the High Reclaimer to pieces who was sitting at base defense and arm. . It was the best game of the day for both of us and a nice way to finish off the event.

Darren ended up winning the Retribution coin by going 2-2 and having more control points than the other Retribution player with the same record. Unfortunately, Jeremy lost all three matches but won a blister for being the best sport or should I say, best loser. 🙂

From left to right, Darren, Jeremy, and me with the goofy face.

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A Preview of My First MK II Event – Resurgence

February 16, 2010 4 comments

This coming Saturday, I’m heading to a Resurgence event in Fredericksburgh, VA. Darren and a few other Baythralls will be joining me there and I hope there’s a good showing of players. This will be my first tournament in the new MK II setting and really, the first tournament for me in about two years. I’m a little nervous going in but I plan on having a good time and playing my one of my favorite casters, the High Reclaimer.

With that being said, I really like the HR’s rules and here’s a few reasons why. The grind it out game, I really enjoy longer games and like the fact that he plays an attrition battle. Though he can go for the assasination run, this suits my playing style more and its really fun bringing back Bastions at full health. Another thing is creativity, there’s really a lot of good troop and jack choices to bring with him and his army doesn’t get stale. I’ve read about resurrecting Idrians that have the opposing caster as their prey and how its a good assasination attempt. That might sound obvious to any seasoned veteran of the game but it caught me be surprise.

Finally is his ability in scenario play. Those people that have played in Resurgence know the scenario Gaining Ground, where you have to control zones in the middle of the board. I was thinking the HR could resurrect troops and have them go for the zone closest to the opponent’s edge. There’s a bunch more reasons why I like him but that’s good enough for now. Its time for my three lists.

High Reclaimer – 25 Points
Choir – min
TFG – max
Cleansers – min

High Reclaimer – 35 Points
Choir – min
TFG – max
Cleansers – min
Bastions – max

High Reclaimer – 50 Points
Choir – min
TFG – max
Cleansers – min
Bastions – max
Rhoven and Honour Guard

I’m particularly concerned about the lack of any commanders in my 25 and 35 point lists. My TFG and Cleansers are both susceptible to fleeing and I hope that it doesn’t happen. The Guardian is in there for arcing spells if I have a ton of focus and for pitching people out of the control zones. Plus, if I can clear out a charge lane for him to an opposing caster, he’ll be MAT 10 with Powerful charge and battle hymned. Its all in theory though, now I have to execute my plan.

Here’s a picture of my 50 point army. I forgot to add poor Rhupert to the army but its ok. He’s only primed and no special base.

I plan on bringing my camera and taking some pics. Battle reports should be posted no later than Monday. Wish me luck…