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List Tweaking – Part 1

September 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Since I don’t get to play in a lot of tournaments, preparing two 35 Pt lists for an upcoming steamroller event is a lot of fun. For other people it might not be a big deal, print up a couple of lists the night before and then show to the event and play. I even imagine certain players have their go to list, you know the one they’ve used time and time again and can play with ease. This is where I would like to eventually end up, have a nice list that you know well and can use in tournaments, while your secondary list is the experimental one.

The list I’m working on is The High Reclaimer at 35 Pts. Over the past few weeks, I’ve managed to tweak it a couple of times. The final list will be one of my two that I take to a 35 Pt Steamroller tournament on October 16th at the Blood & Steam weekend, in Glenn Burnie, MD. Gratuitous shout out I know

For the core of the list, I know I wanted to take at least one unit w/ advanced deployment. I learned my lesson the hard way in the Resurgence event, when I took the High Reclaimer with no advance deployment troopers. I hardly contested any control zones and my army was slow like a tortoise. My first choice here, Idrians, they’re a good target for the High Reclaimer’s feat if they prey the enemy caster/lock. Plus, they’ll benefit nicely from the smoke and be even more of a pain to deal with when they go to ground.

Second up, I needed some hard hitting weapon masters that could absorb damage and could be brought back to life w/ the feat. Cinerators were my first choice due to their high arm and can’t be trampled. The flame burst on their swords should help deal with infantry swarms as well. Knights Exemplar were also added due to their high damage output and their assassination vector.

Next up, I needed a Warjack and looked no further than the Reckoner. It really needs no introduction and Choking Veil stacks nicely with the High Reclaimer’s Burning Ash spell.

Rhoven & Honor Guards were another choice, these guys seemed like they were made for the High Reclaimer in MKII. Rhoven’s commander ability helps out since the High Reclaimer has the silent oath thing going on, add on the fact that you can revive the Guiss & Cassuis for some nice charges from unexpected places and its a win win.

Vilmon is in the list for his hard hitting ability and for being good on objectives. His fairly expensive but he brings redundancy as another Commander.

Suppport Units were now needed, I looked no further than the Piper of Menoth, Rhupert Carvolo.  Throw in a Vassal and now you’re cooking. I wanted to go trooper heavy and thus no choir this list.

 The final List

 The High Reclaimer
Idrians min unit + UA
Knights Exemplar
Exemplar Cinerators
Rhoven & Honor Guards

So there you have it, my first draft of a 35 Pt High Reclaimer tournament list. It has a few things that make you go huh, like a bunch of fearless troops with two commanders. Add in Rhupert to give the Idrians fearless and the need for commanders is completely nulified.

Another glaring huh spot is only one jack which makes Sacrifcial Lamb a completely worthless spell. I plan to address these issues in the next post.

In the meantime, let me know what you think.


Changing Locales

April 23, 2010 Leave a comment

A while back, I decided to move our home to WordPress. In the change, I hope we can provide more articles, paint entries, theme armies, battle reports, and an assortment of other stuff related to Warmachine and Hordes. Our local game store also moved locations and it should provide us with a better opportunity to expand the Warmahordes gaming community in southern MD.

Check out the site and let us know what you think.

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Custom Bases – A Background

February 28, 2010 1 comment

For a while now, I’ve wanted to do a tutorial on how I make my custom bases for my Protectorate army. It’s nothing too fancy, just a couple of layers of cork and then some washes here and there. Add a little drybrushing and some flock, then you’re done. First though, I want to explain how I came up with the idea of green turf on top of rock.

When I first started to assemble my Guardian, I thought it would be cool to make a custom cork base to reflect the rough and rocky terrain of the Protectorate land. I had imagined making an army that was deeply involved in the Northern Crusade and them marching across the desert.

I went out and bought some cork from the local department store and then started to sculpt. After thirty minutes or so on working with the cork, I had a desirable look. Then I primed it and started to add paint of various orange, browns, and reds.

This is where it got ugly, I couldn’t get the colours right to convey realistic desert rock or something you’d see in Utah. After doing a google search for cliffs, I stumbled across the Cliffs of Moher. I thought to myself, man I would like to visit these one day and I might even be able to create bases similar to the Cliffs themselves. The base I was working on then got trashed and I sculpted another one and started with a new idea in mind.

After a few tweaks to the process, I ended up with a custom base I’m satisfied with. Next week, the tutorial should be posted with some pictures to show the process.

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Darius vs Feora2 – 15 Points and Escalating

February 24, 2010 1 comment

This past Tuesday night, Barrett and I sat down for our first game in our Escalation campaign. Both of us are using new casters and during the course of the game, it was abundantly clear. But that’s the whole point of it, to familiarize ourselves with the caster and enjoy the battle at hand.

Here’s the two lists.

Choir – min
Vassal – min

Sword Knights

This was the first time that I’ve ever had more range than his army and the first time he’s had more troops than mine. It was a nice change of pace. The table was terrain heavy to try and compensate for the low model count.

Here’s a quick recap ot the match.

Starting Positions.

Round 1 – Everyone runs except for the choir who should’ve anyway. I think I put passage on my jacks thinking Barrett was going to shoot them up like he normally does.

Round 2 – Vanquisher takes some shots at the Hammersmith and comes up short, it was so close we used the new spray template to see if the shot was in range. It literally came up 1 mm short. The deviation drifts off into the distance. All his jacks are out of charge range and Darius takes a shot at the Vassal and comes up short.

Round 3 – The Guardian charges the Ironclad while Ignited and Battle Hymned. I manage to scrap it thanks to the Vassal’s ancillary attack. Vanquisher charges and does minimal damage. Hammersmith is loaded up with focus and wrecks the Vanquisher in 3 hits, taking out the Vassal with the chain attack slam. Unfortunately for Barrett, he wasn’t able to use the extra focus as he was out of melee range after the slam attack.

Round 4 – Feora pops her feat and manages to take a fire token off the Guardian and Hammersmith and put it on Darius and Reinholdt. The Guardian wrecks the Hammersmith. Darius casts a spell that causes the Guardian to be stationary.

Round 5 – I use a focus to shake off stationary. The Guardian charges Darius and is barely in reach range. The attack hits and does considerable damage. By another attack and I get the critical pitch, throwing Darius towards a house. He survives with 3 boxes left. He gets up and shakes off knockdown. Charges the Guardian and almost wrecks him. It was getting pretty late and we wanted to end the game.

Round 6 – Feora charges Darius and ends the game

Post match thoughts.

It was evident that both of us hadn’t played our casters before. We missed out on some opportunities early on to go for the caster kill. I really think Barrett could’ve got to Feora with the Hammersmith with some better positioning. If that was the case, the game could have ended a lot earlier.

I really like Feora2, she has a good variety of spells and likes to get her battlegroup into the thick of things. Halfway through round 2, I realized that she had a warjack bond. This is the first time I’ve ever played a game with one so that should tell you something.

Its back to the drawing board for both of us. We’re going to be expanding to 25 points next game and the nice part about it is, we can change up our list anyway we want, save for the caster.

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Tournament Time = Tournament Tray

February 20, 2010 1 comment

Here’s a couple of pictures of a miniatures tray I made for the Resurgence tourney tomorrow. I figured it would be a pain to transport all the infantry I have so this should make it a lot better. Enjoy.

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A Preview of My First MK II Event – Resurgence

February 16, 2010 4 comments

This coming Saturday, I’m heading to a Resurgence event in Fredericksburgh, VA. Darren and a few other Baythralls will be joining me there and I hope there’s a good showing of players. This will be my first tournament in the new MK II setting and really, the first tournament for me in about two years. I’m a little nervous going in but I plan on having a good time and playing my one of my favorite casters, the High Reclaimer.

With that being said, I really like the HR’s rules and here’s a few reasons why. The grind it out game, I really enjoy longer games and like the fact that he plays an attrition battle. Though he can go for the assasination run, this suits my playing style more and its really fun bringing back Bastions at full health. Another thing is creativity, there’s really a lot of good troop and jack choices to bring with him and his army doesn’t get stale. I’ve read about resurrecting Idrians that have the opposing caster as their prey and how its a good assasination attempt. That might sound obvious to any seasoned veteran of the game but it caught me be surprise.

Finally is his ability in scenario play. Those people that have played in Resurgence know the scenario Gaining Ground, where you have to control zones in the middle of the board. I was thinking the HR could resurrect troops and have them go for the zone closest to the opponent’s edge. There’s a bunch more reasons why I like him but that’s good enough for now. Its time for my three lists.

High Reclaimer – 25 Points
Choir – min
TFG – max
Cleansers – min

High Reclaimer – 35 Points
Choir – min
TFG – max
Cleansers – min
Bastions – max

High Reclaimer – 50 Points
Choir – min
TFG – max
Cleansers – min
Bastions – max
Rhoven and Honour Guard

I’m particularly concerned about the lack of any commanders in my 25 and 35 point lists. My TFG and Cleansers are both susceptible to fleeing and I hope that it doesn’t happen. The Guardian is in there for arcing spells if I have a ton of focus and for pitching people out of the control zones. Plus, if I can clear out a charge lane for him to an opposing caster, he’ll be MAT 10 with Powerful charge and battle hymned. Its all in theory though, now I have to execute my plan.

Here’s a picture of my 50 point army. I forgot to add poor Rhupert to the army but its ok. He’s only primed and no special base.

I plan on bringing my camera and taking some pics. Battle reports should be posted no later than Monday. Wish me luck…

TFG & Vassal

February 5, 2010 2 comments

First off, to all the people attending Templecon, I’m jealous. I hope everyone has a good time and the tournaments go well. And if you’re reading this at Templecon, what are you doing?!?! I wanted to attend this year but the timing wasn’t right, house buying and stuff sort of got in the way. Next year, I’m definitely going to go.

Here’s a couple of pictures of my TFG and Vassal. In the rush of painting the Vassal, I overlooked his ear. You can’t tell from the pic but I need to go back and paint it. For whatever reason, I thought he only had hair to paint, silly me.

Here is a picture of my TFG. I just included all the different models since my photo set up isn’t the best.

They’re all complete except for the flame on the standard bearer’s flag. I originally painted it light blue, trying to go for different flame look but it came out a little cartoonish, think Superman with the red and blue. I went back and painted it black and am debating on which colours to try. For now, its fine.

Here’s my Vassal Pics

You can see his unpainted ear in the second picture . I’m going to finish painting it this weekend during the blizzard of 2010. I normally don’t put up miniatures that aren’t 100% complete but it’s been a while since I’ve showed off any of my stuff and figured why not. Now I just need to work on a photo box.

Till next time…

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