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Blood and Steam Weekend

August 19, 2010 1 comment

The fine Press Gangers of Maryland, DC, and Northern VA have organized a nice Warmachine and Hordes weekend. It’s a two day event at Games and Stuff in Glenn Burnie, MD on the weekend of October 16th-17th. There’s going to be several events during the course of the weekend and Sunday is the Blood and Steam Invitational. For those that don’t know, the Blood and Steam Circuit comprised of various stores throughout the MD, DC, and Northern VA area, where Press Gangers would hold tournaments. You got 4 points for a win and 1 point for a loss. The PGs then kept a database of the players’ point total and the top 16 get to play in the big finale.

Due to my busy schedule this spring and summer, I wasn’t able to make it out to any tournaments.  This one is a must and I’ve already signed up and plan to play in two events. One of them being a 35 Pt Steamroller using divide and conquer while the other is a 50 Pt, 2 player event where each person brings 25 points. Warmachine and Hordes can pair up so it’s going to be quite the fun. Now all I have to do is get a teammate. Hopefully, one of the Baythralls will show up as well and we can try to bring home victory.

This makes October a great place for all the folks in the Mid-Atlantic region! Here’s the list of big events going on:

The Mid-Atlantic Team Tournament on October 9th, just outside of Philadelphia.
Blood and Steam Weekend on October 16th-17th, in Glenn Burnie, MD.
The Warstore Weekend on October 22nd-24th.

I’m really excited about the event and want to thank all those involved for making it happen. On a side note, I’ve got some painting done during the last week and Severius, a Reckoner, and the Sunburst crew are close to completion. I’ll have pics up by next week. Thanks for stopping bye.


35 Point Steamroller Tourney – Rockville, MD

I wanted to start mentioning the local tournaments in the area so here’s the first one for the blog. Listed below are the details and here’s the official thread.

March 20th
Warmachine Steamroller 2010 Event
Dreamwizards, Rockville, MD
11772 Parklawn Drive
This tournament will use Steamroller 2010 scenarios
Tournament Start time: Registration Starts @ 11 AM Tournament Starts @ 12 PM
# of points – 35 Points / 2 Lists
Painted / Unpainted Miniatures Allowed
Warmachine & Hordes Armies
Prize Support: Steamroller Coins for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd
Entry Fee: $10

Its doubtful that I’ll make it but to anyone that lives in the area, it should be a great event.

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