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List Tweaking – Part 2

September 8, 2010 1 comment

In my previous post, I discussed my first initial High Reclaimer list at 35 points. Now the time comes for the first set of changes and possibly last ones. I’ll explain why I replaced each piece but first, here’s the original list and the new one.

Old                                                              New
The High Reclaimer                                      The High Reclaimer
-Reckoner                                                    -Reckoner
Idrians min unit + UA                                   -Crusader
Knights Exemplar                                         Min Choir
Exemplar Cinerators                                    Vassal
Rhoven & Honor Guards                              Rhover & Honor Guards
Vilmon                                                          Idrians min unit + UA
Vassal                                                          TFG max w/ UA
Rhupert                                                       Rhupert

Basically, I swapped out the Cinerators for a full unit of TFG+UA and Knights Exemplar + Vilmon for a Crusader and min Choir. I felt I needed more speed with my core infantry (TFG) to help contest objectives at the first turn. I can run them and pop Iron Zeal if I need to. I lost a lot of hitting power with the Knights gone but the addition of the Crusader should help alleviate it some. Also, sacrificial lamb is now a worth while spell and I have cheap troops to use it on, the TFG and choir of course.

That’s my list for now and it’s more of a wave army than my first one. Hypothetically, the Idrians hit first, then the TFG and Reckoner, and lastly the Crusader. Hopefully it won’t come down the High Reclaimer getting in the mix as that’s a sure sign of doom.

This is a shameless request, but if anyone wants to test this list out for me and let me know how awful, good, or ok it is, that would rock. I don’t know how much play time I’ll have between now and Oct. 16th.


List Tweaking – Part 1

September 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Since I don’t get to play in a lot of tournaments, preparing two 35 Pt lists for an upcoming steamroller event is a lot of fun. For other people it might not be a big deal, print up a couple of lists the night before and then show to the event and play. I even imagine certain players have their go to list, you know the one they’ve used time and time again and can play with ease. This is where I would like to eventually end up, have a nice list that you know well and can use in tournaments, while your secondary list is the experimental one.

The list I’m working on is The High Reclaimer at 35 Pts. Over the past few weeks, I’ve managed to tweak it a couple of times. The final list will be one of my two that I take to a 35 Pt Steamroller tournament on October 16th at the Blood & Steam weekend, in Glenn Burnie, MD. Gratuitous shout out I know

For the core of the list, I know I wanted to take at least one unit w/ advanced deployment. I learned my lesson the hard way in the Resurgence event, when I took the High Reclaimer with no advance deployment troopers. I hardly contested any control zones and my army was slow like a tortoise. My first choice here, Idrians, they’re a good target for the High Reclaimer’s feat if they prey the enemy caster/lock. Plus, they’ll benefit nicely from the smoke and be even more of a pain to deal with when they go to ground.

Second up, I needed some hard hitting weapon masters that could absorb damage and could be brought back to life w/ the feat. Cinerators were my first choice due to their high arm and can’t be trampled. The flame burst on their swords should help deal with infantry swarms as well. Knights Exemplar were also added due to their high damage output and their assassination vector.

Next up, I needed a Warjack and looked no further than the Reckoner. It really needs no introduction and Choking Veil stacks nicely with the High Reclaimer’s Burning Ash spell.

Rhoven & Honor Guards were another choice, these guys seemed like they were made for the High Reclaimer in MKII. Rhoven’s commander ability helps out since the High Reclaimer has the silent oath thing going on, add on the fact that you can revive the Guiss & Cassuis for some nice charges from unexpected places and its a win win.

Vilmon is in the list for his hard hitting ability and for being good on objectives. His fairly expensive but he brings redundancy as another Commander.

Suppport Units were now needed, I looked no further than the Piper of Menoth, Rhupert Carvolo.  Throw in a Vassal and now you’re cooking. I wanted to go trooper heavy and thus no choir this list.

 The final List

 The High Reclaimer
Idrians min unit + UA
Knights Exemplar
Exemplar Cinerators
Rhoven & Honor Guards

So there you have it, my first draft of a 35 Pt High Reclaimer tournament list. It has a few things that make you go huh, like a bunch of fearless troops with two commanders. Add in Rhupert to give the Idrians fearless and the need for commanders is completely nulified.

Another glaring huh spot is only one jack which makes Sacrifcial Lamb a completely worthless spell. I plan to address these issues in the next post.

In the meantime, let me know what you think.