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It’s been some time

August 2, 2010 1 comment

It’s been a while since I last posted as a lot of stuff is going in my life. My wife and I were blessed to purchase a new home and needless to say, it’s taken up quite a bit of my time. I’m trying to get back into playing Warmachine and Hordes as the LGS near my home is doing quite well and it looks like it’s going to be in business for some good time. It has a much better location than it did before and it’s now only a 25 minute drive from my house as opposed to an hour.

With the hopes of playing more games, comes to the responsibility to paint some more. I really don’t like to play with unfinished models but let’s face it, almost everyone has unfinished models here and there. I still have a Paladin of the Wall that I bought some three years ago that’s only primed. I’m such a slacker I know.

Coming up this October is a chance for the SoMD Baythralls to participate in the Mid-Atlantic Team Tournament. So far, three of us have committed to it and there’s a chance to win a fully painted Retribution army. One of the requirements to be in the running for the Ret Army is to have yours fully painted, both lists. My main lack of painted models is my infantry and solos.

Thankfully, this past No Quarter has a good article on how to build and paint a 100 point army. It’s really good for Steamroller tournaments as it suggests using two warcasters and to start at 25 points w/ each one, incorporating models that both casters would use. I won’t be building a 100 point army as I’m aiming for the 50 point size but the principle still applies. Instead of working my way up from 25 to 50, I’m just going to post the first of my two 50 point lists. I’m definitely using Severius as my primary caster but I’m unsure who I’m going to use as my alternative. This list is definitely tentative as some models my change. Suggestions welcome.

Min Choir
Deliverers min unit
Cinerators max unit
Rhoven and Honor Guard
Reclaimer Solo
Vassal Mechanik

I have no advanced deployment and that sort of worries me. The thing is, I doubt I’ll have the time to paint either Errants or Idrians but the Daughters come to mind. I would drop the unit of Deliverers and go w/ Daughters if my painting goes well. Speaking of painting…off I go.