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15 Pt Slow Grow, Feora vs Karchev

February 4, 2011 3 comments

Our local press ganger is running a slow grow league for current league (forgot the name). It’s a wonderful idea as it gives people the opportunity to paint up some models and then use them on the field. I had the chance this week to participate in one game and it was against Bill and his Karchev crew.

My list                                               Bill’s List

Feora2                                                 Karchev
-Crusader                                           -Behemoth
-Redeemer                                        Reinholdt
TFG min w/ UA                               MoW Shocktrooper min unit
Choir min
Vassal Mechanic

Starting out the game, Bill was surprised to see how many models I could cram into a 15 point list. There are a lot of models but the list is a bit spread thin. Only one hard hitter, one model to take care of stealth and solos, a unit to take control of objectives and finally my support. Feora can usually get the job done herself sometimes but cracking the high arm of Karchev could be a problem.

I didn’t realize all models had to be painted… Whoopsie, my bad Darren. Any how, here’s the setup and the scenario is Killbox. One we’re all familiar with. I go first and put Ignite on the Crusader and then cast Escort. Everyone runs up except for the TFG, they simply walk forward and shield wall. I had some benefit from the league that gave them +2 speed for one turn.

End of round 1, Karchev tows up the Behemoth and it shoots its bombards and manages to take out one TFG. Even in shield wall. Boo shield wall… 😛

End of Round 2 and its not looking good for me. Since I walked up with my TFG and didn’t run. They didn’t get the jump on the Shocktroopers. Instead, Iron Zeal formation and they ran forward. The Crusader followed behind them, hoping to get a charge on the Behemoth. My Redeemer hits Karchev and does really good damage thanks to Battle from the Choir. The AOE takes out Reinholdt.

His turn, Shocktroopers charge and take out the TFG Captain. Karchev tows up the Behemoth, Karchev kills a TFG blocking the charge to the Crusader. Then the Behemoth makes a smoking wreck of the Crusader.

End of Round 3 and it’s game over. Feora’s desperate attempt to take out Karchev Fails. I managed to Fire Step into charge position, feat,cast Ignite on Feora, and then charge Karchev. In the process, I ate a free strike from the Behemoth and it did 5 damage on her. I only gained 3 extra focus from the feat but it wasn’t enough to take out the man in the machine. His turn, he casts a spell that gives him boosted attack rolls and Karchev annihilates Feora.

It was a good fun game, the only model I destroyed was Reinholdt. That’s not saying much but it was fun to get in a game. Next months list should be a lot of fun to play.

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