created by bluecardinal

Overview: This scenario is aimed at people that have a lot of models and would like to use them during a single long gaming session.

Summary: Players attempt to get their Warcaster/Warlock into the opponents deployment zone at the end of the round.

Special Rules: Each player brings three  25 or 35 point lists where characters aren’t duplicated in the lists. Before the start of the match, give each list a number of 1,2, or 3. This will determine the order of each list during the course of the match.

Both players deploy list one as normal and start the match using the standard Warmachine/Hordes rules. If a warcaster/warlock is killed during the match, the attacking player finishes all activations of his models and then his turn ends. The other player then deploys his second list and activates as he normally would. Continue to do this until all three lists are used or until one player ends the round with their warcaster/warlock in the opposing player’s deployment zone.

Warjacks do not become inert if their controlling warcaster dies. Subsequently, Warbeasts do not become wild if their controlling warlock dies.

Victory Conditions: Caster kill on all three of your opponents’ warcaster/warlock. Or end the round with your warcaster/warlock in their deployment zone.

Suggestions: Try not to include the same unit in all three lists due to the fact that they could last the whole match.

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